2019 CAL – Granny Squares Galore (GSG)!

I’ve done it guys! A page for our 2019 CAL blanket!

So, what is a CAL? CAL stands for Crochet ALong, with the idea behind them being that the pattern is released in parts. This allows fellow crocheters to work on the same project whilst making new crafty friends all around the world, and it also allows for participants of the CAL to reach out and help one another =)

So as you might already know, this CAL is slightly different to ones you might have done before, with the biggest difference being that this CAL’s final design/ pattern hasn’t been decided, so you all can have an input in the final design!

Each part of the CAL will be released on a Sunday, so come back and check for new releases =) As each part of this CAL will be a granny square, it allows all of you readers to dip in and out, and still be able to make the final blanket! I will also release several different ideas throughout the year for things to make with your lovely little squares.

As the final pattern hasn’t been decided yet, it allows for you fellow readers to have an input! If you have a great idea or design for a granny square please do let me know, either as a comment or by contacting me!

Granny Squares Galore!

Parts released so far:

Our gorgeous squares!

Thank you for sharing my tutorials, patterns and general ramblings 😊 Doing this helps support this site, which helps me make more patterns for you all!

Please do not sell the actual pattern, please just send a link to this post if needed. This pattern is free for all who wish to visit my site.

You can sell your completed items, I only ask that you link back to this post when you do, and reference MillwardMakes as the creator of the pattern. Do not use my photos for your sale photos. Do not distribute my patterns as your own. Permission is not granted for mass production of any kind.

If you wish to collaborate on a project, please feel free to contact me =)