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How To: UK and US crochet terms

After writing a few posts, I have realized I had been writing in UK terms but I hadn’t given a conversion for US term crochet-ers! So without further ado..

UK termsUS termsCrochet Symbols
chain -chchain -ch
slip stitch -sl stslip stitch -sl st
double crochet -dcsingle crochet -sc
treble crochet -tr or tcdouble crochet -dc
half treble crochet – htchalf double crochet – hdc
double treble crochet -dtrtriple crochet -tr
double crochet together – dctogsingle crochet together -sctog
front post treble crochet – fptcfront post double crochet – fpdc

I plan to update this as and when I use different stitches, but the ones above should see you through most of the patterns I post =)

Happy crocheting!



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