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St Patrick Square – GSG 4

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Shammy square!

Happy St Patrick’s day everyone! I love seeing everyone wearing hints of green, especially in this lovely almost spring weather we’ve been experiencing lately. I created a small pop quiz for my friends the other day, in which I put some St Patrick’s day trivia in; did you know that the first city to celebrate St Patrick’s day was Boston, and that Chicago dyes their river green in celebration! If you guys have any traditions that you want to share please feel free to write a comment = )

As today is our next CAL, I thought we should incorporate something with a St Patrick’s theme. I thought of doing a Guinness coloured square, but then I settled on four leaf clovers, as they are a symbol of luck, and they would look lovely in a nice square.

So, let’s get clover-ing!

CAL – Part 4

All crochet patterns and terms I use are in UK, but if you want them in US then check out this handy stitch converter.

Granny Square – Shamrock Squares


Skills used/ required:

  • Crocheting in a circle
  • Double treble crochet (dtr)
  • Double crochet (dc)
  • Treble crochet (tr)
  • slip stitch (sl st)

For this granny square, we will be crocheting 4 shamrocks first before joining them together to make the granny square.


Row 1: chain 5, then 3dtr into 1st ch on original ch 5. Chain 4,then sl st into 1st ch on original ch 5. * ch 4, 3dtr into 1st ch on original ch 5, then ch 4 and sl st into 1st ch on original ch 5*. repeat from *twice more.

You should now have the beginning of a 4 leaf clover, and in the next row we will add the extra detail to the leaves.

Row 2: *3 sl st along chain (ch4 from previous row), dc in next stitch, 5 tr in same stitch, sl st in middle dtr from previous row, dc in next stitch, 5 tr in same stitch, 3 slst along chain (ch4 from previous row). Sl st into 1st ch from original ch 5 from the previous row*. Repeat from * 3 more times.

You should now have a perfect little 4 leaf clover! Make 4 of these, in whatever colours you like, and then we will join them together for the granny square!

Joining :

Arrange the clovers in a square. Attach the white dk yarn to one of the clovers inner leaves; This is to join them together in the middle. Attach the yarn to the middle sl st from row 2. Chain 5, and then sl st into the opposite clover leaf. Do this again with the opposite leaves, but when on chain 3 of 5, sl st into ch 3 from previous chain 5. You should now have 4 clovers joined in the middle with a cross.

Now join each adjacent leaf (from two separate clovers) with the same 5ch slip stitch, until you have a granny square!

I hope you guys like this weeks granny square, and I hope you have a lovely St Patrick’s day!

Happy Crocheting,


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