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GSG – Part 9 – Spinosa Square

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Happy Easter guys! I hope you all are having a relaxed weekend, whatever you may be doing. I am currently in the Lake District with my husband and dog, and my parents and their dog too! I’ll post some photos when I get back ❤

We have a very special square this week; the lovely Emily at The Loopy Stitch, designer of the Spinosa Square pattern, has allowed us to use her square in our CAL! Exciting =D Please do go and check out her blog and send some love her way, I know she would appreciate it.

As this is Emily’s pattern, I have decided to just show final images of my squares for this week, and also a crochet chart I made for this pattern, for those of you who find them easier to read ❤

So, let’s go!

CAL – Part 9

Granny Square – Spinosa Square

All crochet patterns and terms I use are in UK, but if you want them in US then check out this handy stitch converter.


  • DK yarn in 4 different colours – I used Stylecraft DK yarn in aspen, magenta, cloud blue and lavender – I got these yarns and more (see my last post) from Deramores =D
  • 3mm hook

Skills used/required:

  • Treble Crochet (tc) / long tc
  • Chaining
  • Slip stitch (sl st)
  • Magic Ring
  • Double crochet – dc

Now, off to the Spinosa Square pattern! Just so you know, the pattern is written in US terms, but as normal, our handy stitch converter is available to use if you need to translate the instructions.

The finished square didn’t quite get up to 12cm, so I adapted the pattern slightly. For the square on the left, I just did an extra row of tc and dc, and for the right square, I just did dc all the way round. The right square is pretty much bang on 12cm, so this is the square I am going to use for our CAL, but you can obviously use whichever one you want =D

If you decide to crochet the square from the chart below, I tried to make it as intuitive as possible; I didn’t include sl st as I wanted to make sure people start wherever they wanted, and didn’t feel obliged to start in a particular space. I also only made the graph in two colours, this is purely to show the long tc and how it goes over the ch sp from the rows below. You can change colours in whatever rows you wish, be free with it!

I hope you like this weeks square! If you want to have one of your own squares featured in this CAL please do contact me or find me on Instagram! I am always happy to chat crochet ❤


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