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Hi Guys, this is just a short post to show you some of the upholstery projects I’ve finished recently. If you like any of these projects please feel free to comment which ones, and I will try to do a simple walk through on how to do them =)

I also wanted to show you these so that you guys know that these types of projects are manageable, even as a relative newbies to upholstery (the footstool was my first upholstery project, and the sofa my second!)! All you need is patience and a willingness to learn ‘on the job’.

But anyway, here they are!

Footstool from an old coffee table!

The first project I’m putting on is my footstool! I started off buying a super cheap coffee table on Gumtree, and sawing off the feet as I wanted the footstool to be fairly low to the ground.

Pictures above are of the table when I first brought it, with fairly high legs! After cutting the legs down I painted the legs and sides silver.

Sorry about the quality of the photos, I did this project at night! But as you can see the legs are nice and little now =D After painting I began to add the foam and wadding to the top of stuck it on using my hot glue gun.

The pictures above are after the foam and wadding was all stuck down. The string sticking out was to help do the buttons after laying down the fabric!

And there you have it, Once you have the fabric stuck down nice and tight, you’ll have a lovely fantastic footstool for lounging on!

Revamped sideboard!

I found this lovely sideboard on Gumtree and just knew with a few small changes it would look amazing!



And all for less than £30! Not a bad little project =D

Making a Bookshelf from a £4 Ladder!

This was one of my favourite projects, as I involved woodworking (a little anyways!) which I love!

The inspiration for this project, a bookshelf on eBay costing < £40!

I managed to find a dirty ladder on eBay for £4! Bargin

It took 3 days of sanding to get rid of the paint that was dried on it!

All sanded down (still some paint remained! I also added “steps” to the other side of the ladder ready for the window boards to fit in. The window boards (which were free from Gumtree!) were already painted white, so I only needed to paint the ladder black with chalkboard paint.

And tad-ah! I personally think it looks even better than the eBay version, and it cost me a fraction of the price! The little bone in the bottom of the picture on the right is a dog chew for Jasper, nothing odd here! =D =D


My craft table!

You guys may recognise this table from all the pictures of the granny squares. I originally was going to make this to sell it, but I just fell in love with the final result!

The table I use is actually an old piano stool with a reversible inside =) It’s amazingly well made, and because of the upholstered side, it had a natural dip that would perfectly fit my tiles 🙂

I don’t know why the picture is so shadowy, but I was so pleased with the outcome, and I use it everyday now! Putting the tiles in was quite an arduous process, but it was worth it in the end.

What do you guys think of these little projects, any ideas for future ones? I still have a few left to show you all, but that will have to wait until next week now =D

Happy crafting all,



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