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GSG Part 37 – Catch up!

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Hi Guys!

Abi here, and this week is catch up week. That means making the extra few squares to complete your row, or making some more of your absolute favourite squares!

If you have made too many, then you can always make a little yarn ends purse ( or for buttons, pennies, whatever you want really! =D ) out of them. To do this you need to get a square and fold in 3 of the corners like an envelope. You then need to sow the 3 side edges together so that you have an envelope style pouch. If you want to close the pouch with a button you will need to sow on the button in the middle of the 3 corner join, and use the corner chain space of the free corner to hook through onto the button to close. Tada!

I will see you guys next week for part 1 of sewing this blanket together! =)

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