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Giant Knit Blanket – Pt 1

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Hi Guys!

I know it’s been a while, but after finishing our year long CAL I really wanted to take a good rest so that I was ready for our new challenge. I’m still thinking of a suitable project to work on this year, but until then I thought I would do a two part tutorial on how to make a giant blanket as I did a course to make one the other day and since then I’ve been hooked!

So if you’d like a completely instagrammable/ envy of all your friends blanket, then look no further! In just a few hours you’ll have a gorgeous blanket to hide under during these winter months.


  • Any arm knit chunky yarn – The purple blanket was made on the course using merino wool, and the mustard yarn is from WoollyMahoosive, a fantastic, cheap, and vegan option! I suggest getting at least 2kg of yarn, as this will result in a great sized blanket for sofa snuggling, 3kg will create a decent double bed runner, with 4kg for a King.
  • Felting needle, optional, for hiding away ends.

Skills used/required:

  • Casting on – this post
  • Looping – this post
  • Casting off – next post
  • Felting in ends – next post

We begin with marking out how much yarn we need for our ‘tail’. This is the yarn that will determine the length of our blanket. To make a decent lap sized blanket, you will want to measure out 12 ft of yarn (it works out as approximately 6 ft length blanket, depending on how tight you cast on.) The more you add to the tail, the longer the length of the blanket.

Once you have your tail all ready, create a slip knot (if you need a visual for this, then DIYforLife have a very simple tutorial) at the beginning of the 12ft tail; you will then have 2 strands of yarn, the ‘working’ yarn (highlighted in blue), and the ‘tail’ yarn (red). Then place the slip knot on your arm (putting your arm through the loop, image a ), as this is where we will work to cast on.

You will begin by looping the working yarn, back to front, over your hand (b). Once you have done this, you will work the tail yarn over the trailing end of the working yarn, and then loop back to front over your hand (c), creating 2 loops on your hand. Grab the tail yarn loop with your hand, and pull it through the loop created by the working yarn (d). Once you have done this, put your arm through the loop that you have just pulled through. You will now have 2 loops on your arm, the original loop created by the slip know, and the first loop created by the cast on. Once you have this loop created, you can adjust the tension by pulling both yarn strands. This does take a bit of tweaking, so you might want to practice a few times with casting on and adjusting before beginning making the blanket, but it is totally up to you; my original blankets tension is all over the place but you don’t even notice in the finished product.

Once your tail yarn is approximately 15cm long, you will have finished casting on (e), and can slowly take the yarn off your arm.

You should now have something which looks like this, a long line of loops. Before we begin looping, you need to get all of your loops flat so that we can easily work the next row. Once you have your row all ready to go, grab your working yarn (f).

Insert your hand into the first loop, closest to the working yarn, and pull through a new loop (g & h). Continue this process along the row (i). Once you have got to the end of the row, you will need to work back again, into the loops you have just created.

Continue working through your yarn, creating rows of loops, until you have approximately the same length of yarn left as your beginning tail (in our case, approximately 12ft).

Next week I will go through casting off, and felting in the ends so that the blanket won’t come apart. This last bit isn’t entirely necessary, but it recommended. However if you don’t wish to do this, or are working with a non- woolen yarn, then I will show alternatives.

So until next week guys, I hope you like your growing blanket!


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