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Embroidery Journey

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Hi Guys!

I wish February had a few more days! I told myself one blog a month though, so here I am! It’s not a big one, as a lot is happening right now, but I have patterns planned for next month 🙂 But for now, let me tell you what I’ve been working on.


Embroidery Journey

So my journey started a few weeks ago. I mean, I had done a few small embroidery pieces on my crochet before but nothing serious. I had a few t shirts of my own that I wanted to personalise, so I decided to go ahead! I made a floral A, a french knot J and a few extra designs to go on my camera bag.

After this, a few friends started to ask for designs, and so I began making them some too. Eventually I was being asked by quite a few people, and so I thought I might make a little business out of this! And that’s when Jasper’s Co. was born. I am planning on opening my shop mid March, and I am so excited for this adventure! I will still be here blogging away, as crochet will always be close to my heart, but embroidery tests me in different ways which I am really enjoying. I hope some of you will join my new venture!


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