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Nobbly Pumpkin Pattern

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Hi Guys!

It’s been a while! It’s been a busy few months lately, and what with Covid lockdowns I have been focused on other things, but I am back, and I have a few new patterns to share! The first one is my new nobbly pumpkin pattern; I came up with it one evening, trying to think of ways to use my Scheepjes Stonewashed-Riverwashed Pack.

This pattern uses two of these little 10g yarn skeins for the pumpkin body, and then a final skein for the pumpkin top. This pattern is remarkably quick to whip up, and the texture is just fantastic! Lastly, this pattern, unlike other pumpkin patterns, doesn’t require you to work around the pumpkin with a yarn strand to create the segmented look; the texture does that on its own!

So without further ado, let’s get crocheting!


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